10 Reasons to Get Your Electric Scooter

If you can still count the number of times you got stuck in terrible traffic the past two weeks with just one hand, that only means you’re not living in Metro Manila! However, if you did live outside the Metro, you’d still be surprised how much you are missing out on if you still don’t have your very own electric scooter. So allow us to tell you why NOW is the best time to be looking at buying one for you and perhaps even your loved ones.

Skip hypertension by skipping traffic

Who needs to endure wasted hours on the road when you can breeze through all that with your electric scooter?

Be mobile without breaking the bank

Compared to the price of a brand new or second-hand car, or even a motorcycle for that matter, electric scooters have relatively reasonable prices. As for fuel, you won’t need it because this mode of transportation runs on battery.

Say goodbye to parking fees

Because electric scooters are compact and highly portable, you can fold and either tuck them away in small spaces or can carry them with you.

Who needs a mechanic?

As long as you can read and follow a manual, you can pretty much McGyver your way through assembling your very own electric scooter once you’ve unboxed it.

Minimal to zero licensing required

Most, if not all, electric scooters have limited speed compared to traditional bikes. Unless our lawmakers think of drafting laws for electric scooter use, you don’t have to worry about being stopped by a traffic enforcer, nor will you be expected to be carrying a license for it.

Built-in comfort and safety features

Thanks to modern technology, most electric scooter models can comfortably carry an average-sized person without causing strain on their posture. What’s more, almost every electric scooter comes with manual acceleration control, rear brake, and brake light.

Low maintenance

As long as you use it properly, you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance like oil change and things like that. You do need to take care of the handlebars and brakes so that you can use it efficiently and safely. Chances of getting a flat tire are minimal, too.


Every time you choose to use it instead of taking your car out or commuting on the bus or train, you save a lot of energy. Since it does not run on fuel, there are no smoke emissions, and that makes Mother Earth a little less sad.

It makes you look cool and trendy

There’s no further explanation required for this.

But that’s not all because we’ve saved the best for last…

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Happy Shopping! Happy Riding! And Happy Independence Day (from traffic)!