In early 2000, the company’s founders, passionate in bringing to the country the latest and innovative tech brands to consumers, established their first telecoms retail store in one of the premier malls here in the Philippines, Tabs Telecom. As an answer to the ever-changing need of the market, the founders came up with the idea offering huge selection of premium gadgets and accessories at a fair price in a single store. Urban Gadgets was incorporated and first opened its doors in Arcadia, Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Now with four branches, primarily catering to the upwardly mobile, adventurous and technology driven enthusiasts, the company puts great value in offering only the best premium and original products. Its product portfolio is more persuasive than ever, comprising everything from action outdoor cameras and its accessories, multi media speakers, camera gimbals, mobile phone outdoor accessories to travel essentials. Our product line-up includes DJI, GoPro, Insta360, Bose, QDos, Cygnett, Ventev, Transcend Dashcams, JBL, and Klean Kanteen among other premium brands.

Since Urban Gadgets opened its fourth branch on October 2021, it has been synonymous with innovation and lifestyle, uncompromising customer satisfaction with comprehensive range of latest innovative gadgets and accessories.

Strategically located in high-traffic premier malls, Urban Gadgets strives to be the leader in the retail technology and outdoor lifestyle industry by providing exceptional customer service, by pursuing business through innovation and passion in all aspects of our business.

Motivated by the success of the the stores, the company targets to open more stores in the coming years, bringing in world-renowned brands. With the rise in demand for online shopping, we’re opening doors for users to enjoy the gadgets we carry by giving them several gateways to purchase them in the comfort of their own homes. To market this growth, an equally, if not more aggressive, marketing strategy using multi-platform channels will be implemented to support and further push Urban Gadgets as a brand.