UG Explorers’ Loyalty Program

As a way to thank you for all the support you’ve given us through the years, we’re giving some love back with every purchase you make. ⁣

Starting February 1, 2021, Urban Gadgets will reward customers with Loyalty Points that can be used to shop in our website and in our retail stores.

The more points you earn, the more shopping credits you can enjoy!

There are two ways to earn points: Shopping and Referrals!

Earn Points from Shopping

Earn 1 point for every P100 you spend. Every loyalty point that you earn is convertible to ₱1.00 worth of store credit.

Earn Points from Referrals

Earn 50 points whenever you refer a friend. The friends you refer will get 50 points too! There is no purchase required for you and your friend to get 50 points each, they just need to use your referral link when they register for a user account at Urban Gadgets website.

Here’s how you can refer us to your family and friends:

Step 1: Log in to your Urban Gadgets Account. Under “My Account” look for Referral Link (

Step 2: Copy the referral link and share it to your friends via email or social media.

Step 3: Your friend will use the referral link to register their very own free Urban Gadgets Account.

Referral links are valid for 7 days. If your friend signs up within 7 days, you will both get 50 points. If your friend signs up after 7 days, referral points will no longer be rewarded. Timing is key!

Start Earning Points Now

Loyalty points saved in your account can be used immediately. The most exciting part of this loyalty program is that it requires no minimum amount for point usage. This means, whether you have 1 or 10,000 points, you have the power to decide how much points you want to use for your next purchase. Simply purchase from any of our stores or sign up at to start earning points now!

“Loyalty points can be earned and spent from Feb 1, 2021 til Feb 1, 2022”


1.) Loyalty points are not convertible to actual cash.
2.) Loyalty points are not transferrable.
3.) Purchases made with loyalty points are not refundable. UG will refund the actual cash paid for the transaction and will return the points back into the customer’s account.
4.) Loyalty points earned from the website can be used immediately in any UG Retail Stores.
5.) Loyalty points earned from UG Retail Stores may be used to purchase from UG Website upon request. Please allow up to 2 business days for your retail points to be transferred to your online account.

Enjoy shopping and earning with every purchase, UG Explorer!