Terms and Conditions

Pre-Orders During the Community Quarantine

Customers may place their orders in advance by pre-ordering products from our website. This is a new feature on our website and as such, it still has some limitations such as:

  1. Only one product can be ordered per transaction;
  2. We only accept upfront payments through Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Paypal, DragonPay and TendoPay;
  3. Shipping will be delayed due to the community quarantine, the earliest possible arrival date will be 3-5 business days after the quarantine is lifted; and
  4. A No-Cancellation Policy will be imposed to ensure that we are able to prioritize and fulfill orders of serious buyers only.

If you wish to pre-order more than one product in one transaction, kindly reach out to our E-Commerce Team and we will gladly assist you every step of the way.

Email: admin@urbangadgets.ph
Mobile: +63 917 318 1097
Facebook Messenger: http://m.me/urbangadgetsph


Payments can be made through Credit Card, Paypal, DragonPay, TendoPay, and Bank Transfer. Bank Transfers will be made through these bank accounts:

  • BDO – Urban Gadgets PH 000390465860
  • BPI – Urban Gadgets PH 4111-0000-21

All payments made through Bank Transfer will be processed upon the customer’s completion of the Deposit Slip Form: https://www.urbangadgets.ph/deposit-slip/ 

We will validate all payments within 5 business days. All orders with pending payments will be placed on hold for 72 hours, after such period, the order will be automatically cancelled by the system.


Earliest delivery time will be made 3-5 business days after the quarantine is lifted.

Non-Cancellation Policy

A non-cancellation policy will be imposed for orders booked during the quarantine. Our E-Commerce staff are fervently working on a first come, first served basis for payment verification and waybill printing. Cancellations will not only disrupt this process, it will also cause delays for serious buyers. Thus, we strongly recommend that you review the items in your cart before pushing through with the transaction.

Returns and Exchange


Products with discounts of 50% or more are no longer covered by manufacturer’s warranty.


Our products are carefully curated and picked from only the top brands in the world. However we understand that defects do happen. In the rare event of a manufacturer’s defect, we will gladly accept exchanges within 7 days of receipt of product. Please reach us at the contact details below in the event you encounter a likely defect. We will walk you through some troubleshooting procedures and then have the product undergo technical evaluation in our office. Please note that manufacturer defect does not cover items that have clearly been damaged through improper use, negligence, or wear and tear.


Phone Number: +63 2 7 946 7259

Mobile Number: +63 917 318 1097‬

Email Address: admin@urbangadgets.ph


In order to keep costs down and continue to pass on these savings to our customers, we do not accept returns or exchanges on products without manufacturer’s defects. We encourage you to carefully select the items you purchase and we’re here to help you in your shopping experience to ensure you select the right product for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.