Perfect Combination

It’s that time of the year, where couples grow dear…
We’re getting a bit cheesy, so we’ll stop the rhyming here.

Poetry, romantic dates, flowers, chocolates…these are staples for the celebration of hearts’ day.

But coupling up is not only meant for us…we can get our gadgets to couple up with some cool accessories, too! We have a wide array of accessories for every gadget you choose, but allow us to get that pairing ball rolling…

From Feb 1-15, 2021, enjoy the following perfect combinations:

For every purchase of an Insta360 One R camera, we’ll throw in a free Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick for you!

Get these for only ₱27,999

And for every DJI drone you buy, we’ll partner it up with a Lexar 32 GB microSD!

Get these for only ₱28,990

Now that’s some seriously sweet pairing!