Aerial Photography Workshop

Edwin Martinez is one of the best landscape photographers in the Philippines and his experience in shooting different landmarks abroad and in his own country have put him on the map on the field of photography, as regular features both in local and international publications make this evident—and we are proud to have him on board as one of our Gadget Geeks!

On the 26th of February, he will be sharing his knowledge on aerial photography with us in a LIVE online workshop on our Facebook Page. Unlike his previous workshops with us, this workshop is open to all aspiring aerial photographers—for free. That’s an amazing opportunity for all DJI pilots!

DJI drones already bring photography to a whole new level on their own, without any creative input from the pilot’s talent. Can you imagine what you can do with one, armed with the knowledge of how to properly compose and take amazing photos? Aerial photography is more than just knowing how to fly a drone.

We are excited to learn and explore with you!
Join us and learn the secrets that distinguish aerial photographers from drone pilots and find out about tricks that turn drones into every photographer’s dream equipment.

Workshop Agenda
* Introduction to Aerial Photography
* Importance of Flight Safety and Pre-flight checklists
* Important settings and equipment for aerial photography
* Understanding different kinds of filters and the importance of each one
* Tips for proper composition in aerial photography
* Post-processing secrets for breathtaking aerial photos
* Q&A

See you on February 26, 2021, Live on Facebook at 6 PM!

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