Bluetti : Portable Power for Explorers

Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts know that having reliable power is essential for any expedition. Bluetti offers high-quality portable power stations perfect for keeping your devices charged and ready for action when you’re on the go. This November 13-30, 2023, get equipped for your next quest with special pricing on Bluetti’s innovative products.

The Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station packs 600W of power into a compact 9.3 pound body. With a 268Wh lithium-ion battery capacity, it can charge phones, cameras, and other USB devices multiple times over. The pure sine wave AC outlet even lets you power small appliances. Grab the EB3A for just ₱12,000 during the promo.

For more robust off-grid power needs, the Bluetti EB70 with its 1000W rating and 716Wh capacity keeps your gear juiced up. Get the EB70 bundled with the PV200 solar panel for ₱49,000. You’ll have renewable energy wherever sunlight is available!

The PV200 folds up easily into your backpack at just over 6 pounds. Get this 200W solar panel by itself for ₱21,100 during the promo.

Bluetti’s products are made from quality components that withstand rugged use in the wilderness. Their efficient design and intuitive operation make powering your adventures easy. Don’t get caught low on battery, get equipped with Bluetti portable power stations this November!

Portable Generator and Solar Panel

Bluetti PV200 Solar Panels


Portable Generator and Solar Panel

Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station 600W