Caught in the Act: an Online Street Photography Workshop

There is always something poetic about a stolen shot. It allows us to be spectators in a scene unbridled by deliberate acting. It is raw, sincere, and evokes different emotions depending on the subject’s mood within his surroundings.

Because candid shots invite the viewer to look closer and longer without hesitation, we see a rise in staged candid photos on social media these days. However, a true candid shot is not picture-perfect like the IG-worthy supposedly-candid photos we see online. It is supposed to be a memory frozen in time as it is being viewed—undirected, and natural. But it isn’t always easy to take the perfect stolen shot.

Our Gadget Geek Evan Grabador will be teaching us how to go about taking the perfect stolen shots. He’ll be walking us through how to set up for it and how to blend into our surroundings so we can capture the raw actions and emotions as we see them.

Workshop Outline

  • Definition of Street Photography
  • Gear
  • Camera settings
  • How to capture a candid moment
  • Other tips

Let’s join him on URBAN Gadgets Facebook page as he hits the streets on January 16, 6PM.

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