H-Audio Smart Helmet Launch


Smart Helmet

H-Audio Smart Helmet


Today, road safety is of the highest concern, especially for bikers and e-scooter riders in big cities like Manila. This goes beyond merely just keeping you secure during your ride. It is also about the comfort and convenience that all riders want to enjoy like hands-free audio and signal lights. Such measures are possible with the New H-Audio Smart Helmet. 

This new device is everything you want in a riding companion. Its multi-functional features make hands-free tasks possible and easy. Aside from providing safety, it allows you to communicate or listen to your mobile devices wirelessly while on the go, thanks to its integrated Bluetooth-capable over-ear audio. It also comes with a built-in camera that can record and take photos, a must-have for every driver. Plus signal lights keep you visible to other drivers on the road. It is also equipped with a visor that can easily retract magnetically. All those features are needed by every rider, in a single tool.

Celebrating H-Audio’s Launch of the Smart Helmet, we are offering you a chance to experience everything it has to offer. Get yours now at an introductory price of 7,500 (SRP 10,500). Offer valid until July 31 only. Available both in-store and online.