The H-Audio Limited Edition PH3: Double the Fun

Simplicity. Comfort. Sound Experience. This is what the Limited Edition H-Audio PH3 brings.

Crafted to perfection, from inside-out.
The H-Audio PH3 delivers high quality surround-sound audio system and clean-cut bass. It also features Active Noise Cancellation, for up to 15-20dB between 50-500Hz. It feels light because of its memory foam earmuffs and headband wrapped in ultra-soft leather but the stainless steel headband support provides extra durability, perfect for prolonged use in online classes, virtual meetings and even online concerts.

Created with the Filipino in mind.
With a touch of red and blue, the iconic three stars and a sun: the symbol of our homeland, it evokes a sense of pride. Endorsed by our very own Manny Pacquiao amongst other Filipinos of influence, H-Audio PH3 proves to be not only a reliable set of headphones, but a bold statement of our identity; a proud badge of honor we’d be happy to carry around on our necks. After all, even with the technology it carries, it’s light enough to be worn as a statement piece too! What a chic way to show the Filipinos’ love for music and country!

A brand that gives back.
Everything was carefully considered in the making of the PH3, from the technology that makes it a pair of headphones good enough to contend with the more established brands, to the design that uniquely shows the charms of a Filipino: simply beautiful; Even down to the future of the Philippines: the children. H-Audio has partnered with Soundhealing to help underprivileged Filipino children, The Soundhealing program is aimed at communicating with these children through different platforms by providing enrichment through education, art, music, and sports; inspiring the Filipino youth to pursue bigger dream towards a better life.

Two for the price of one, for double the fun.
From August 26 to September 8, 2021, with every purchase you make of the PH3, not only do you give back, you can also give forward! We’re giving you an H-Audio Replay which you can use to share your music and our mission!

Get these for only ₱5,240

H-Audio, at the very core, creates innovative audio devices to serve as a ‘companion’ throughout an individual’s many journeys and challenges. How far will your new headphones take you?