The INSPIRE Project

A picture truly paints a thousand words. It can arouse a deep-seated motivation inside us that causes us to pursue dreams and goals that have been put on hold for a long time. We post photographs of memories for our families to see in an attempt to share the happiness we felt during those moments. Seeing a scenery or moment captured and frozen in time allows us to escape and feel a sense of belonging — to that memory, to that moment, to that place. It pushes us to pursue our desires more.

In keeping with our brand purpose which is to help inspire, equip and allow you to explore, we’d like to share the inspiration we get from photos contributed by our brand ambassadors. But we won’t stop there. We’d also like you to take part in inspiring others.

If you feel you have a lot of stories to tell through the photos you take, we’d like to invite you to exhibit them on our INSPIRE page and help others be inspired so they could do the same.

When you upload your photos here, you get a chance to be featured as the photo of the month, where we share your photo’s story to the world.

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