Jabra’s Reinvention of Wireless Technology

By Lyan Tabisaura

Being one of the first companies to birth wireless earphone technology, Jabra has been successful in collecting and applying six generations’ worth of technological history into their latest products. In the creation of its new, advanced Elite earbuds, Jabra claims to have redefined the meaning of true wireless technology itself. The Elite line has yet to gain its notoriety with its outstanding call and grip quality; specifically designed to cater to the active, working person. Coming out this September and October, here is everything you need to know about the Elite product line and its nifty new features.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Specifically made for the Elite 7 Pro, the MultiSensor VoiceTM technology delivers paramount call quality that Jabra has never made before. Jabra explains that this new feature combines a bone conduction sensor that recognizes the vibrations in your jaw using a set of four microphones and an “intelligent algorithm.” This bone conduction sensor, or voice pick-up unit (VPU), comes into play when the algorithm detects specific types of noise from the mics– wind, or background chatter, for example. The MultiSensor technology makes your voice sound crystal clear when you’re someplace noisier. Additionally, Jabra claims that the Elite 7 Pro is 16% smaller in size than the Elite 75t, which is currently their most compact set of headphones so far. This headphone set also comes with built-in Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant* (*For Androids only).

Jabra Elite 7 Active

The newly developed ShakeGrip coating makes the Elite 7 Active almost parallel to the Elite 7 Pro. The ShakeGrip technology uses liquid silicone rubber and a wing-free design to provide the ultimate fit for whatever movement may occur. These headphones are also IP57-rated waterproof protected and equipped with Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and HearThrough. For the multitaskers, the microphone mesh removes wind or any undesired background noise from calls without compromising their workout.

Jabra Elite 3

The Elite 3 comes down as one of the more affordable earphones. Jabra’s Elite 3 offers amazing sound quality and a bass-forward performance. With an IP55 rating, this device is highly protected against water, sweat, and dust ingress– perfect to wear on the commute home or during an intense workout. Though the Elite 3’s aren’t furnished with ANC, Jabra claims that they have a noise-isolating design that offers a perfectly immersive design to keep all distractions at bay.

Other Exciting Features

The Elite 7 earphones are all equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), creating a fuller, more immersive experience. If you prefer to customize your listening experience, you can also opt to create a Jabra MySound profile that allows you to define how much or how little nose you want to let in. Not to mention the nine hours of non-stop playtime with ANC, these earphones will have more than enough time to drown out the sounds of the world in a few minutes of charging. Within 5 minutes, the Elites can run for up to an hour of playtime. Each of these earphones is also made small and compact to fit better in your ear

Plenty of companies attest to their top-notch sound voice quality, but they rarely ever live up to their claims, so will the Jabra Elite triumph them all? See for yourself by grabbing a set at Urban Gadgets PH.

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