Let’s Talk Travel with 5 of the Philippines’ Most Avid Travelers

It’s been over a year since our movements have been restricted by the pandemic.

A year without gatherings.

A year without seeing the world outside our daily grind.

A year without traveling and seeing the world.

As we slowly get used to the presence of this unseen enemy and as we take steps to achieve herd immunity, slowly, we’re coming out of our shells, ready and wanting to explore the world for the first time in a long time. But how do we do it? How do we get back to exploring to our hearts’ content without endangering ourselves and our loved ones? How do we deal with the combination of fear and excitement? How do we do this safely?

On May 1, 2021, at 7 pm, on our Facebook page, we will be virtually gathering with 5 of the most avid travelers in the Philippines. It’s a chance to let loose for a night to ease our cabin fever and help us look forward to the future.

Hosted by our very own Gadget Geek, Lilliane Cobiao of Wanderlass, we will be talking about the future of travel in the midst of this pandemic — how to prepare for it, how to be safe as we do it and how to still enjoy traveling while doing it responsibly. She will be joined by our guests Gay of Pinay Travel Junkie, Angel of The Lakwatsero, Ron of Wrong Cruise, and Julius of Lakwatserong Tsinelas.

Join us for a fun and memorable night and get a chance to win goodies from Travel Blue and DJI!

See you then!

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