Shopee 6.6 Mid Year Sale

Great deals are up for grabs at Urban Gadgets Shopee Mall this 6.6 Mid-Year Sale.

Here are the top 10 deals to watch out for:

AUKEY Omnia 100W 4-Port USB-C & USB-A PD Gan Wall Charger

Priced at ₱3,749, this charger offers fast charging for multiple devices all at once. Simultaneously charge two laptops, one phone, and one pair of earbuds, automatically optimizing the power supply of the connected devices. Get it at only ₱3,561.55

VAGO Portable Compressor

This nifty gadget gives you more storage space! Perfect for the summer, store your comforters and thick jackets without sacrificing space. Priced at ₱3,290, get it for only ₱3,125.50

Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick (120cm)

Paired with the Insta360 Cameras (One R and One X2), produce impossible 360 shots without the unsightly view of a selfie stick! Valued at ₱1,890, you can get this for only ₱1,795.50!


Ventev ChargeSync Tangle Free 6ft Lightning Cable

Retailing at ₱1,245, this flat, tangle free cable will keep you charged and allow you to transfer data all in one cable. It’s only ₱1,182.75 during this 6.6 sale!

Jackery Explorer E240 High-Capacity Portable Generator

Priced at ₱35,000, this Lithium power station gives you the assurance of available power at the moment you need it. Get it for only ₱23,750. That’s ₱11,250 in savings! More to spend for other necessities!

Sennheiser CX-180 Wired Earphones

This headset can change the quality of your listening, effectively isolating ambient noise and giving you a good listening space. It has a good bass boost, modestly boosting music’s HI index. Already affordably priced at ₱1,690, get it at an even lower discounted price of ₱1,605.50!

HyperDrive Duo Hub for USB-C MacBook Pro

Since we’re offering all your gadgets needs in one shop, here’s a gadget that offers all your ports in one little device that can fit in your shirt pocket: The HyperDrive Duo Hub for USB-C MacBook Pro is priced at ₱5,990, boasting of 7 ports in one. Get it for only ₱5,690.50 so you can start using all your legacy attachments with your USB-C device through one hub!


Insta360 One R Twin Edition

Have you ever seen an acation camera that can actually offer you 3 kinds of cameras in one modular design? With the Insta360 One R Twin Edition, switch between a 4K wide angle camera and a 360 camera by swapping the lenses, which both come in one package! Retailing at ₱27,999, you can grab it for less, at ₱27,439.02! That’s a great deal!

Insta360 OneR 1-inch Lens Wide Angle Mod

We told about 3 cameras in one with Insta360 One-R and here’s the 3rd attachment you can use if you already have your Twin Edition: The Insta360 OneR 1-inch Lens Wide Angle Mod gives you the option of accessing a powerful 1-inch sensor lens designed by Leica, the leader in this arena. Get it at retail stores for only ₱18,150 but get it here at a lower price of ₱17,787!

Sandmarc Telephoto Lens Edition for iPhone 12

Elevate your iPhone 12’s already awesome cameras with a lens attachment that will make your shots more powerful: The Sandmarc Telephoto Lens Edition for iPhone 12 will get you documenting the streets of everyday life, capturing the immense height of an inner-city building, or a captivating portrait. Valued at ₱6,220, it can be yours for only ₱5,909. (If you’re using an iPhone 11, you can purchase the Sandmarc iPhone 11 case and attach the Sandmarc Lens to start shooting!)

These are just some of the great deals you can find at our Shopee Mall! Visit our shop now, add to cart and check out on June 6 to 8 2021!