Achieve your Goals with Smartwatches of the Future

A 6 AM call time, a meeting right after the gym, and a reminder to visit your doctor. Sometimes you can’t do it all at once, but these smartwatches definitely can. There is little to no time for any working man/woman to keep guessing where your physical health stands.

Being a good sleeper

In a world where cars and computers are still running in the middle of the night, workers carry on functioning until deadlines subside, or at least when their alarm clocks tell them to start waking up. Getting eight hours of sleep is vital for the average working person, as sleep deprivation can increase the risk of acquiring heart disease and higher blood pressure (Leech, 2020). Instead of relying on feeling well-rested, some smartwatches can observe your circadian rhythm, determining whether or not you need to improve your sleeping habits. Being a good sleeper will improve productivity and athletic performance, both needed to triumph another workday.

Managing stress

In addition to getting good rest, practicing self-care is one of the most effective ways of managing stress (Scott, 2020). Mindful breathing exercises are as accessible as checking the time through a smartwatch. Breathing is a very menial task, but it is essential to every bodily system from cognition to digestion. Mindful breathing will provide a clearer mentality, allow for better sleep and reduce stress levels (Pt, 2017). At times when your body feels the most stress, a smartwatch with mindful breathing reminders can sense your need to take a short breather.

Establishing a fitness routine

Working at home especially requires more daily physical activity. A device easily worn on your wrist can be equipped with multiple home workouts, caloric expenditure, and a step counter, depending on the model you choose. Establishing a fitness routine no longer requires going to the gym regularly, as tasks as simple as running errands or walking home can be counted as daily exercise. For swimmers, golfers, and cyclers, there are built-in sports apps that specifically track their performance to a higher standard.


The popular concept of forming a habit within 21-30 days is a myth. Truthfully, everything that the brain associates with intense, pleasurable feelings is always going to be learned much faster (Frothingham, 2019). Forming habits don’t come easily unless you have something to constantly remind you. Smartwatches can be linked to your phone, reminding you without effort to drink a glass of water or to take your daily vitamin. These reminders can also apply to more significant habits like reading a book, walking your dog, or watering your plants.

We all have different goals we want to achieve, whether it is to monitor your basic health stats like blood pressure/ temperature/ O2 saturation/ heart rate, learning to be a better sleeper or training for a marathon, there is a smartwatch out there that is a perfect partner for you.