The New DJI Ronin 4D Flex

Introducing Ronin 4D Flex

Ronin 4D opened a new era for filmmaking. Now, Ronin 4D Flex is ready to take things even further, with expanded camera position and movement flexibility that delivers better shots in all spaces. With the extendable gimbal camera design and 2m extension cable, Flex delivers a stunningly convenient, ultra-efficient creative experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

Today, we are also introducing DJI’s first cinema zoom lens DL PZ 17-28 mm T3.0 ASPH, which covers ultra-wide to wide-angle focal lengths with built-in servo zoom motor, and supports calibration-free LiDAR focusing experience.

With DJI Ronin 4D, our most advanced technologies have been integrated into one cutting-edge and comprehensive cinematography solution, which offers groundbreaking flexibility to solo cinematographers and unlimited possibilities for coordinated shooting.

Processing Power

Ronin 4D is equipped with Zenmuse X9, DJI’s flagship full-frame camera. It also features DJI’s latest image processing system, CineCore 3.0. This system uses DJI’s proprietary chip to provide advanced processor architecture, offering extremely high-performance computing power in a compact cinema camera. CineCore 3.0 allows Ronin 4D to support internal recording of Apple ProRes RAW, ProRes 4444 XQ, ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422 LT, and H.264 video. It also supports up to 8K/75fps and 4K/120fps video recording, [3] delivering multiple options for professional-level creation.

High ISO

Zenmuse X9 supports dual native ISO. X9-8K offers EI 800/4000 at full frame 30 fps and below, and EI 320/1600 above 30 fps, while X9-6K offers EI 800/5000, which records images with exquisite detail and minimal noise, even when filming an evening cityscape or beach, or a scene lit by dim candlelight.


DCI 8K (8192×4320)/60fps video retains every little detail, from rich foliage to inspiring architecture, skin texture to strands of hair, all with flawless quality. For those who need to output in 4K, recording in 8K offers unprecedented creative options with more flexibility for cropping, re-composing, and stabilizing videos in post.

The extension system adopts an ultra-thin coaxial cable, supporting lossless transmission of up to 8K high-speed signals captured by the camera sensor and also complete transmission of control and monitoring signals. The cable also ensures endurance and flexibility when bending in different scenarios.

The 2m gimbal camera extension cable enables unprecedented flexibility of camera positions, allowing for through-shots and movements in narrow spaces like car interiors. It also allows the X9 gimbal camera to be used as an ultra-small cinematic-grade remote head. Even in complex spaces, tracking shots can be done easily in one take, providing opportunities for more creativity.

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