DJI’s Newly Released Gimbal OM 5: What to Expect

By Lyan Tabisaura

Portable and palm-sized, the freshly released DJI OM 5 is bound to be the must-need travel essential this year. DJI unveiled the brand-new gimbal this September, and if you’re waiting to get your hands on it, here’s everything you need to know about the product and its exciting new features.

What You’ll Get

Inside the box is a wrist strap, power cable, grip tripod, storage pouch, a magnetic phone clamp, and the OM 5 in the color you desire (Athen Gray and Sunset White). The magnetic phone clamp is an easier, safer way to keep your phone attached to the gimbal without the need to calibrate the device. Meaning, you can attach your phone and start shooting immediately. The grip tripod can also easily be attached to the bottom of your gimbal to place in a stationary position.


3-Axis Gimbal Stabilization

The secret to DJI’s notorious stabilization is its three intelligent motors to guarantee that your phone stays put, despite its weight or any uncontrolled movements. The OM 5 recognizes and adapts to your environment while filming, giving you smooth, uninterrupted footage. Whether you’re biking,

ActiveTrack 4.0

DJI has improved and redesigned the ActiveTrack by developing reliable subject tracking with the Mimo app, creating more advanced recognition abilities and higher responsiveness. If that doesn’t get you excited, then you must be when you hear about the new automatic face tracking feature. Simply draw a box around any face, and as much as you shift your OM 5 around, the camera will follow the boxed face. The app also lets you choose from a lavish selection of beauty filters. Speaking of selfies, they can now be taken with the flick of a hand, literally with a V or peace sign using the camera gesture controls.

New Foldable Design

Aside from it being small enough to fit (literally) in your pocket, the OM 5 is ergonomically designed to sit nicely in the palm of your hand. Though the OM 5 weighs only 290g (100g lighter than the OM 4), it isn’t significantly smaller in size than its predecessor. However, being that it has a built-in extension rod, its size is quite uncompromised.

Built-In Extension Rod

Being the first DJI gimbal with a built-in extension rod, this doesn’t extend so far as it only goes for up to 215mm. Nevertheless, extends smoothly and adds a little measure of room between the camera and the creator. It provides for more creative options when shooting, and can save a good selfie.

Shot Guides

DJI upgraded some of its Shot Guides by adding some new video modes such as Story Mode, DynamicZoom, Timelaps, SpinShot, and Panoramic modes. Story Mode compiles and edits clips shot by the creator to make a perfectly interesting short video– perfect for those who want to make a video without learning how to edit and direct the shoot. Dynamic Zoom allows the user to create cinematic shots by producing a warping effect with the foreground and background. The SpinShot does almost the same thing except rotating the camera for a cool, music video-like effect. Lastly, while the Timelapse mode captures the thrumming life of your surroundings, the Panoramic mode makes for wider, creative shots to broaden the world around you.

The OM 5 is generally suited for jet-setters and beginner videographers who want an easy, portable device on their hands. With its top-notch active tracking and stabilization technology, creative shot guides, and built-in editing templates, the OM 5 is sure to be a cult favorite.

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