All-New Feature Updates for Insta360 ONE R: Horizon Lock, Loop Recording & More

By Lyan Tabisaura

Insta360 recently announced a big feature update for the ONE R, Insta360’s flagship interchangeable lens action camera. Introducing multiple new features such as the all-new Horizon Lock, improved image quality, AI-powered editing, loop recording, and more, this update will surely upgrade the average ONE R user experience.

Horizon Lock for 4K Mod and 1-Inch Mod

For adrenaline junkies who enjoy the rush of being upside down, the Horizon Lock will allow your viewers to see heights as you experience them. Horizon Lock is the next level of stabilization for it keeps your footage upright and perfectly balanced despite any degree of rotation you might experience on your adventure. Horizon Lock is now available for the 4K Mod and 1-Inch Mod cameras– used when shooting in Pro video mode at 30fps.

Loop Recording

Need to shoot key moments without waiting for the right moment? Loop recording allows you to record without end. The all-new loop recording feature allows you to continuously record without losing memory space by replacing the previously recorded clip with new ones and guaranteeing you capture your key footage.

New and Improved Image Quality

The 4K Mod and 1-Inch Mod are now equipped with a new frame rate option for 4K 50fps when shooting in Pro video mode. Additionally, Creators can get bigger, brighter colors with the new Vivid color profile while shooting. No adjustments are needed.

New Editing Features

  • Horizon Flip

In conjunction with the Horizon Lock, the Horizon Flip automatically mirrors your environment right up to the sky for a cool, futuristic shot.

  • Overtaker

Make your footage more visually captivating with the Overtaker, which is perfect for bikers and motorcyclists alike, as the filter overlays the stats of your ride directly on-screen.

  • AquaVision 2.0

The ocean can be murky or have horrible visibility. That’s why an improved version of the AquaVision was made to make your dive or swim look more beautiful. This filter makes colors underwater more vivid and alive for more aesthetically pleasing shots.

  • Car MultiView

If you’re someone who enjoys Carpool Karaoke and the great scenery of a drive, the Car MultiView allows you to capture a complete wide-angle shot of the road ahead and the car’s interior. Simply mount your ONE R camera on your windshield or dash and have a blast.

  • Other Exciting Improvements

Insta360 has patched up the TimeShift feature by automatically speeding up footage to 6x before being saved, therefore taking up much less storage on the SD card. The external mics have also been improved to record better audio quality, and a new Roadie Remote accessory has now been released. This wireless Bluetooth remote is made to be attached to your car steering wheel to control your ONE R safely while driving.

Which feature has got you excited to go on another adventure? The Insta360 ONE R is now in stock at the Urban Gadgets PH retail stores and online shop.


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