HYPER Releases the World’s First and Smallest USB-C Battery Pack HyperJuice

By Lyan Tabisaura

Father of the world’s first 100W USB-C Battery Pack, HYPER has released yet another technological breakthrough with HyperJuice, a magnetic wireless battery pack made to wirelessly charge the brand-new iPhone 12. The brand has been notorious for its powerful charging and adapter hubs; now that it has introduced wireless charging, the stakes of portable charging have gone higher.

Product Features

Other than its 7.5W charging power and 5000mAh battery capacity, the product has more exciting features that make it one of the best charging packs on the market.

Simultaneous Charging

While charging wireless, you can easily charge another device with a USB-C plug to enable quick and simultaneous charging.

Easy Magnetic Attachment

This MagSafe magnetic charger is suited for all iPhone 12 models. Snap the device onto the back of your phone and be on the way.

Compact & Lightweight Design

Only being 3.8 inches small, this battery pack is easily compact to perfectly fit into a handbag or pocket. Not to mention it only weighs 150g (5.29oz/0.33lb), making it the perfect lightweight essential.

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