For Mom, The Gift of Choice

Undecided on what to give your Mom on Mother’s Day? The perfect gift to say “I Love You, Mom!” is here.

These Urban Gadgets Mother’s Day Gift Vouchers are applicable to all items on our online shop. Yes, even promo/sale items!

Just enter the email address of your gift voucher recipient on the form at the bottom of the checkout page and we’ll take care of sending the unique gift code via email. We will also send you a copy of the gift code for your reference.

FINE PRINT: Gift vouchers are valid for single-use only and expires 6 months from the date of purchase. Gift voucher sales are final and non-refundable.

Why get Urban Gadgets Mother’s Day Gift Vouchers?

Mom Will Love It.

Gift vouchers saves you the trouble in finding the perfect gift because you’re giving Mom the freedom to pick whatever she wants from our store. With our selection of premium lifestyle gadgets, she’ll be sure to find something that she will love to have and to hold and always remember that it’s from you!


With the ECQ in place, this is the perfect and safest way to get your Mother’s Day Gift sent to your Mom. You can simply shop for the gift vouchers online. No need to worry about queueing at the store and booking a rider/courier to ship the gift to your Mom. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Stress-Free and Time Saver.

If you’re purchasing gifts not just for your Mom, but for your wife, your aunts, in-laws and a dozen more female friends and relatives… this solution is perfect because you’ll just simply get vouchers for them. Once you’ve entered their email address and checked out from our shop, we will take care of sending the gift vouchers to their email. They get to pick and checkout from their end, and we’ll ship the gifts directly to them.

The best part of Urban Gadgets Mother’s Day Gift Vouchers – They’re available at discounted prices. So hurry and get them while they’re available!

Mother's Day Gift Suggestions

Music – Under ₱3,000

Gear Protection – Under ₱3,000

Digital Storage – Under ₱3,000

Power Solutions – Under ₱3,000

Tumblers – Under ₱3,000